A Choice and a Change
A Life Multiplied
An African Queen
An Extract of Wisdom
Be Content
Best-Loved Bible Quotes
Can We Understand God?
Case for the Resurrection
Children Are Forever
Christmas Is
Discovering Love
Does Jesus Care
Four Magic Words
Gain by Giving
Giving by Praising
Go By The Book
God Leads a Pretty Sheltered Life
God’s Creation
He Expected It of Me
Heaven’s Hall of Fame
Hidden Rewards
How Deep a Life
How Do You Conquer Your Enemy?
How to Handle Resentment
In Praise of People Who Didn’t Quit
In the Public Eye Wanted
Jesus Left the Halls of Heaven for Us
Love Is Giving Yourself Away
Love Makes a Difference
Love Reaches Out
Love’s Gift
My Heart Belongs to You
On Course
On Dark Days, God Opens A Window
On the Rebound
Our Relationship With The Lord
Prayer Is So Simple
Refuge from the Storm
Safe and Secure
The Art of Being Positive
The Beauty Remains — The Pain Passes
he Eye of Faith
The Holy Spirit
The Matchless Pearl
The Night the Angels Sang
The Power of God’s Word!
The Source
The Story of the Christmas Guest
The Symbols of Christmas
The Three Trees
The Touch of The Master’s Hand
To A Worldchanger
Treasure Hunt
Turning Trials Into Treasure
What Is Easter?
What Is Faith?
What Is Greatness?
What Jesus Did Do?
Who Made It
Words that Work