I’ve been thinking about the state of the world and how so many of the younger generation have lost respect for God and humanity. I believe that modern education is largely responsible for this downward trend because young people today are taught that there are no absolutes. That’s the underlying principle of modern education: There are no absolutes — nothing is certain.

I’m convinced that the whole purpose of this principle is to destroy confidence in God — the Absolute! Look how the secularists have attacked each major field that proves the existence of a perfect God. The first thing they attacked was religion itself, and their attack was subtle: No religion is necessarily wrong, therefore no religion is necessarily right. Various religions are just religions, probably fabrications of man anyway, so how can anyone say which is right or which is wrong? In other words, there are no religious absolutes. The whole idea is aimed, of course, at destroying faith in God.

Having gotten rid of God and religion, the next step was to debunk philosophy, to try to prove there was no perfect philosophy, that no particular philosophy was either right or wrong.

History is another area of study that proves the existence of God. God’s law of retribution, as seen in the rise and fall of empires because of their righteousness or wickedness, is one of the surest proofs that God exists and has rules. So the secularists had to debunk history. In history books it is now popular to say that men and women who have previously been considered great were really villains, to debunk all the godly, heroic characters of history.

The same was even done with music, to the point that music was no longer music — it was just noise. It didn’t have to be harmonious; it didn’t have to be pleasant. There was no such thing as good or bad music, because there were no more rules.

Look at art: Modernistic art is total confusion — no rules, no beauty, no nothing! Just absolute confusion! It doesn’t even have to mean anything. It doesn’t have to have any sense or meaning or order. See, if they can destroy the meaning, if they can prove to people that there’s no meaning to a thing, then there’s no order, there’s no purpose and no plan, therefore there’s no Planner.

Both art and music used to follow very strict laws to produce real beauty, but both art and music have abandoned the rules. They’ve thrown away the laws, and the result has been total ugly confusion — noise, chaos, bedlam, ugliness, crudity! Music no longer needs to be melodic, and much of it is just sound, noise, bedlam! Art no longer needs to be artistic, and much of it is no more than chaotic splotches of color and ugly, meaningless forms.

They attacked creation in the same way: They had to try to prove there were no laws, no plan, and no purpose; therefore there was no Planner. Creation became meaningless, chaotic evolution. “It all just happened by accident!”

Everything that has any rules or order or plan or purpose proves that there is some kind of Ruler who makes the rules and establishes the order and plans things with a purpose, and such things have to be attacked in order to destroy any faith in the absolute, and therefore in God. Their theme song is “It Ain’t Necessarily So!” “The things that you read in that Bible, they ain’t necessarily so! And history ain’t necessarily so; religion ain’t necessarily so; philosophy ain’t necessarily so; Creation ain’t necessarily so; music ain’t necessarily so; art ain’t necessarily so; nothing is necessarily so, they say, because there ain’t no so!”

If they can prove that each of these fields is imperfect, this supports their claim that the perfect doesn’t exist — therefore God doesn’t exist. It all goes back to the godless premise that if there are no rules, then there is no Ruler.

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6). But if nothing is so, as some would have us believe, then nothing is true and there is no Christ! So to disprove the existence of God they had to disprove the existence of truth and rhyme and reason, order, plan, laws, rules, etc.

To get rid of God, they had to get rid of the absolutes, the right and the wrong and the meaning and reason for things; and the result is total chaos, insanity, madness!

Of course, the perpetrators of this crime against humanity would disagree with me on that, too, because a popular school of thought in psychology today is that nobody is really sane or necessarily insane; they’re just different from you or me. Who is to judge who is sane and who is insane?

To have social order, you must have laws and rules; and to have laws and rules, the ones who make them and the ones expected to obey them have to believe that some things are right and some things are wrong; and if some things are right and some things are wrong, then there must be some ultimate Lawmaker or Rule-giver, which would have to be God.

So therefore the godless must eventually and ultimately become total anarchists who obey no rules or laws, recognize no order, find no meaning, follow no plan, and have no purpose — no nothing! In so doing, they are helping the Devil accomplish his ultimate purpose for creating all this chaos and confusion: the destruction of God’s creation.

In the face of all this, a truly revolutionary education today would be a back-to-God education. We must go back to real faith in religion, back to creation in science, back to genuine love in philosophy, back to a plan in history, back to truth in language, beauty in art, harmony in music, right and wrong in behavior, order in government, and God — the Creator of all things, the Designer, the Planner — in everything, so that life again means something. God is the only One who can give real meaning to living, so let’s get back to God in our education, in every subject and every field.

Let’s get back to sanity and reasoning, back to a pattern for existence made by a divine Designer who makes the plans according to rules. He brings about order with government in the place of lawlessness and disorder. He gives meaning to the universe and purpose to the planets. He brings love to our hearts and peace to our minds and health to our bodies and rest to our spirits and happiness to our lives and joy to our souls, and He teaches us that “the fear [reverence] of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” (Proverbs 9:10).

We must see God in everything to give it meaning, reason, purpose, plan, design, and a goal-the perfection of the kingdom of God! The godless would bring us to chaos and total destruction, but we, the faithful, must try to bring peace and order and the design for living given us by the Great Designer in His rules and laws, rights and wrongs and absolutes, without which there can be no peace or order or true happiness.

Thank God for the absolutes and the rules of the Ruler, that we may know the difference between right and wrong, and find happiness through His love and His loving laws and reasonable rules. May God help you to “know Him, whom to know is life eternal” (John 17:3) — and absolute!

There Are Absolutes, Copyright © 1998-2012, The Family International