When I say I love you, just you, I am talking to each of you-you who have been with Me from the beginning, My children, young and old. I’m talking to those who feel far away and distant from My love. I am talking to you who feel that you’ve failed and there is no forgiveness to be found, or who feel like, “What’s the use? There is no hope!”

I love you, just you, just the way you are. My love is reaching out to you right now. My love, My forgiveness and My mercy are all right there, just for you, if you will just receive them. I love you! I need you! I long to hold you close to My heart of love. I long to feel you in My arms. I long to woo you and feel you and whisper in your ear.

If you feel weak and tired and battle-worn and weary, this message is for you. If you feel you are fainting in your mind, fainting in heart and soul, this message, My precious one, is for you. If you think your zeal has left you, and you feel like you are all washed up, I love you, and I need you now more than ever!

If you are standing on the threshold of new horizons, feeling overwhelmed at the challenges ahead, afraid of the future; if you feel you don’t have it in you to meet the need that lies before you, I want you to know I love you. I will see you through.

I love you just the way you are-as if you were the only one. I love you, each of you, young and old. I am not stacking up all your faults and failures, all your mistakes and blunders to hold against you. My eyes are blind to all of these. I have X-ray eyes that enable Me to only see the good and the possibilities that others do not see. I only see straight through to your heart of hearts. I only see your precious, priceless, tender heart-and I love you.

I see your every tear. I hear your every cry. I feel your every frustration, your every worry, your every burden, your every desire. I know everything about you-all your wants, all your lacks. I see your very heart and all that is in it, and I deeply love you.

I long to hold you close, here on My gentle breast. I long for the day when our two hearts will beat as one, for I love you, just you. My precious child who feels far away, I long for you to know that I am right there by your side. I have never left you, and I will never, ever forsake you.

I love you, just you, and here I patiently wait-for you! Won’t you please come running into My arms, where we can live and love and revel in this love forever, eternally, immortally, without end? I love you, I need you, and I want you! I’m yours.

- Jesus

My Heart Belongs to You!, Copyright © 1998-2012, The Family International