Yo man! — What’s goin’ down?
You got no hope, ain’t no love to be found?
Are you feelin’ low and misunderstood?
Nobody to talk to? Bad news in the hood?

Guy’s got no girl, girl’s got no dude.
Everybody’s real lonely — either that or they feud.
Nobody listens, so you say, “What the hell!”
Everybody’s got a gripe or a story to tell.

War on our planet, gangs on the streets,
Neighbors shootin’ neighbors, the future’s lookin’ bleak.
Easy for you to say, “Keep it up, man, don’t quit.”
But when I think that’s my future, I don’t dig it one bit!

Might as well forget it, get high and just chill,
`Cause tomorrow we die — either that, or we kill.
And if a bullet don’t get me, AIDS could get a grip.
Or if it ain’t one of those, there’s more shit that could rip.

Yeah, on the outside, I gotta look strong,
But deep down inside, there’s somethin’ that’s wrong.
Just feel so empty, no life, no direction.
Man, I could use some love and attention.

How about something that’ll give me hope,
Or some peace in my mind to help me cope.
The people around me, they use me, for sure.
It’s a cold cruel world, man, is there any cure?

Does anyone care who the hell I am?
My generation’s been screwed, but who gives a damn?
The System says we don’t know nothin’,
That we gotta sit tight, while our heads they keep stuffin’.

They don’t wanna hear us, they dis and put us down,
Sayin’, “Shut up and listen, or don’t hang around!
“Get with the program, fit into our mold.”
But I don’t care for their trip, `cuz I ain’t growin’ old!

The ozone will be gone in my lifetime,
And then there’s cancer, Ebola, drugs, or crime.
If one of those don’t get me, there’s more on the list.
You dig what I say? Are you catchin’ my drift?

Man, one dude with a key gets out of whack,
Goes berserk with a nuke, and in seconds we’re zapped!
I think we do better livin’ just for the day.
So many people talkin’ who got nothing to say.

But hey, you know what? I gotta admit
In the dark of the night, I sometimes just fritz.
All alone in my bed, the world seems to come down.
I cry out in my sleep, “Is there peace to be found?”

Well, I hear you talkin’, I hear what you say,
And the good news is this, I can free you today!
If this picture is you, then right where you sit,
I’ve got the answers, and it ain’t in no fix,

`Cause I’ve got a power much bigger than that.
It’s power to change things — man, that’s where it’s at.
Yeah, I’m talkin’ `bout love — not knives, guns or war.
My power’s awesome, and there’s lots in store.

I’ll always be there when you’re feelin’ all down.
My love for you is real, and there is peace to be found.
There’s a change a-comin’. Can you dig what I say?
You can feel it, just take it. — It’s comin’ to stay.

The power of true love is what I’ve got for you.
Just give Me a call, and see what I can do.
Maybe someone told you I’m dull and I’m square,
That I’m outta touch, long gone, way “up there.”

But I’m in the house, just try Me and see.
My name is Jesus, and My love is for free.
I love you so much that I died for your sin.
If you think that’s a joke, then try Me, ask Me in!

Just say, “Hey, Jesus, is it true what You say?
If so, won’t You show me? I take You today.
So many people are messin’ up my head.
I can’t dig it no more, so I take You, go ahead.

Get rid of these vibes that are bringing me down.
Replace them with peace, give me somethin’ that’s sound.
I know I need help. I need a new start.
So here I begin, man, come into my heart.”

It’s really that simple, `cause My love is the thing
That’ll take you higher, if you know what I mean.
My kind of love’ll conquer your pain and your strife;
It’s love never-ending for the rest of your life.

My power of love, it’s cool and it’s rad.
It’s rock solid, My friend, it’s no passing fad.
But if you think this is nuts, and are tempted to doubt,
Then put Me to the test, and just check it out!

I’m your man,


Check Me Out!, Copyright © 1998-2012, The Family International