A call to action for all those who truly wish to change the world for the better!

Each of us who has answered Jesus’ call to follow His example and bring His light to others is engaged in a war of the worlds!

We are fighting together for our faith, for truth, and for freedom–freedom from want, freedom from bondage, freedom from pain, freedom from evil and freedom from fear.

We are determined that the poor of the world shall have sufficient food, clothing and housing, and that they are enabled to labor in freedom, peace, health and happiness to obtain their needs. We have dedicated our all that everyone may be free to live lives of happiness together in cooperation, from each according to his ability and unto each according to his need. (2 Corinthians 8:14) These are some of our common goals.

Mankind cannot be happy when suffering from hunger, malnutrition, disease and ill health. Mankind cannot be fulfilled when enslaved by oppression and tyranny, or overworked and exploited. Mankind cannot be satisfied when suffering from the horrors of war and constant strife, and the nightmares of perpetual fearful insecurity.

We believe that all of these evils are caused by people’s lack of love for God and each other, and their defiance of His laws of love and faith and peace and harmony. These laws are basic to the faith of every true believer in God and His love.

* * *
Apart from knowing what we are fighting for and against, we must also know how we must fight. Ours is not a war of physical weapons and armies and bodies of men. This is not a fleshly war pitting man against man, nation against nation, race against race, rich against poor, socialism against capitalism. This is not a war between political and economic systems, societies, tribes and cultures, religions and faiths. This is not a war of hate and bitterness, killing and slaughter, revenge and vindictiveness, torture, dying and death. This is not a war for the possessions and lands and pride of man!

Such carnal wars of man have seldom ever settled anything or solved the basic problems of mankind. They have usually only resulted in more suffering, more agony, more pain, more hunger, more slavery, more bitterness, more vengeance, more fighting, more torture, more privation, more destruction, more waste, more poverty and more death! Most of man’s selfish, evil wars end in a mere exchange of masters and slaves, a vicious never-ending cycle of horror, resulting in fewer and fewer rich and more and more poor, all of them miserable with their lives of fear and death.

* * *
Ours is a war of the spirit, in faith and love, to win the minds and hearts and to save the souls of men. Ours is a war to free men from the evils of the spirit and mind and heart that cause them to be selfish, unloving and cruel to each other. Man has little knowledge of the love, faith, and power of God, or of the loving laws that God designed for our eternal happiness.

Ours is a war to free men’s minds and hearts and spirits from the bondage of evil and the soul-slavery of the Devil, which bring misery upon us. Ours is a war between good and evil, God and the Devil, goodness and wickedness, love and hate, life and death, joy and misery. Ours is a war of the universe between the good spirits of Heaven and the evil spirits of Hell, which are contending for our souls as well as our bodies, not only on this earth but also in the world of the spirit.

Therefore we must not only defend our human rights, but we must also fight the much greater warfare of the spirit with the far more powerful weapons of faith, love and compassion, as well as words and deeds of kindness. We must free people from fear with faith; we must free them from hatred with love; we must free them from sorrow with joy; we must free them from war with peace; we must free them from poverty with plenty; and we must free them from death with eternal heavenly happiness!

* * *
The pen is mightier than the sword. Ours is a war of words and ideas to thrill people’s minds with faith and hope! We wish to fill their hearts with love and peace and joy to set their spirits free, as well as perform deeds of love and kindness to free their bodies from pain. We must therefore wage a war of words against the ideas of evil, a war of faith against fear, a war of hope against doubt.

We must inspire people to believe in God and His love and His plan for the glorious future of mankind in the soon-to-come Kingdom of God on earth, run by the righteous, in which there shall soon be no more sorrow nor crying nor pain nor death, but all shall be light and health and happiness and peace and plenty for everyone. (Revelation 21:1-4)

We must teach people the loving, life-giving Words of God, the Bible, that they might have His life and love and happiness forever! Mighty empires of the sword have come and gone, but His words of love and life endure and continue to give joy and peace and love and life and hope to billions for generations. Alexander, Caesar, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, and others like them have come and gone, but the words and ideas of the prophets of God live on forever.

The Word of God knows no boundaries, no nation, no race, no empire. Neither is it bound by time or space, nor limited by people or war or force of arms. It embraces all mankind and unites their minds and hearts and spirits in faith and love of God and each other for the good of all!

The philosophers, teachers, prophets and men of God have seldom ruled empires, but they have won worlds of people with their words, faith and ideas which captured hearts, minds and spirits and set them forever free. The followers of God are numbered in the billions for millenniums, and God’s eternal Kingdom of Love has conquered the realms of people’s eternal spirits, far greater and longer lasting than mere worldly empires of the sword!

* * *
We cannot force people to be good. We cannot legislate righteousness. “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.” We must persuade their minds, win their hearts, inspire their spirits and save their souls so that they will willingly do good and not evil! To truly win the love of a woman, she must be wooed, not forced.

We cannot change the world without changing people’s minds, and we cannot change their minds unless we change their hearts, and we cannot change their hearts without the inspiration of God’s Spirit to save them, body and soul.

We must work to save the entire person, not merely their body and their environment. No one will ever be happy with a heavy heart, a troubled mind, a discouraged spirit and an unsaved soul. We must work to save the whole person, not just part of them. We must work to save the whole world, not just part of it. We must work to save people for eternity, not just for this present time! Only the power and life and light and love and Words of God can do this!

We must use every means available to get His Words to all men throughout the earth. We must convey His ideas, hopes, faith, love and plans for His creations to the eyes and minds and thoughts of all people everywhere, that all hearts may be changed and all spirits inspired and all souls saved–as well as bodies–to live and love together forever!

We must have a vision for the universal salvation of mankind, not just our own nation. We must not confine ourselves solely to the petty matters of the moment and cares of this life, or the concerns of only one people or one nation or one race or one culture or one religion or one political view or one economic system.

The salvation of man must be for all if it is for any, and must include everyone if all are to be happy. Though ninety-nine sheep were in the fold, the shepherd was not content until the last lost one was found and rescued. Their number was not complete and the shepherd could not rest as long as there was still one unhappy, one still astray! (See Matthew 18:12-14; Luke 15:3-7; John 10:1-16)

We must search for and find all of God’s lost sheep, and give them His loving Words of life and faith. We must bring them all into His fold, that they may be of one fold with one Shepherd forever.

We must tell everyone, even though not all will listen or respond or be saved. We owe the message of God and His life of love to everybody, but especially to those who will believe and receive it. God only fills the hungry souls, but those who think they are already full and do not need Him or to change, He sends empty away! (See Luke 1:53) So waste no time arguing with those who do not want to see; there are none so blind as those who refuse to look. Feed the hungry, give sight to those who long for light, and love the unloved now.

* * *
If God be for us, no man can stand against us, however great their power or numbers. Have faith in God! “If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31) If you do good, who is he that will stop you? None can withstand the power of God or His forces of Heaven, if He be on your side and you on His, doing that which is right! (See Acts 5:38-39)

We are in a fight to the finish, and the victory is ours, praise God! We may lose a few battles, but we’re winning the war, and the world will soon be ours for God and His Kingdom. Never give up! Be not discouraged, but be of good faith and of good cheer, for God is with us and we cannot fail. We are bound to win, for God is with us, and we fight a holy, right and just war of faith and love for God and others. “Love never fails,” for “God is love.” (1 Corinthians 13:8; 1 John 4:8)

Jesus said that Heaven and Earth will pass away, but God’s Words shall never pass away. (See Matthew 24:35) So use them and spread them and His love in word and deed through every means at your command, to give people light and hope and life and love and peace and plenty and contentment and heavenly happiness forever!

You are no fool to give a life you cannot keep for a love you will never lose!