By Nyx Martinez

This is for all the loveless and lonely on Valentine’s Day — and we have all been there at sometime — having received no roses or heart-shaped box of chocolates or sentimental cards. You know the feeling, and it is a drab one. While couples around you stroll hand in hand, you stand alone watching the clouds in the sky gather and turn gray, while a tear forms in your eye.

How you wish that on this celebrated day you could have someone to love and cherish — and to know that you also had a special place in his or her heart!

Look up again to those clouds. There’s a silver lining there. One warm ray of light from above can give the gloomy gray a tint of scintillating silver. Perhaps you are alone on this day so that the wonderful Giver of that warm light could be the One to be with you. Did you ever stop to think about it? Yes, even on this day, He needs a Valentine, too — someone to cherish and hold close to His heart. It may be that He has reserved you for Himself, to be His sweetheart, His love, His Valentine.

A relationship with God is guaranteed to be a blissful one. Why? Because He is the essence of love itself. And when you have a link to the very heart and source of that power, the most wonderful things can happen. No longer will you be alone and loveless. No longer will you look at others with a tinge of longing. For you will have discovered Someone who will be yours, not just on February 14th, but from now until forever.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


By Virginia Brandt Berg

A young man, planning to take his life by leaping from a hotel window, knocked a Gideon Bible off the table as he moved towards the window. In the fall, the Bible opened. Curious to see just what it said where it opened, he read this verse: You … will leave Me alone. And yet I am not alone, because the Father is with Me (John 16:32 NKJ).

The man’s wife had left him, and it seemed that that passage was a direct message to him. He sat down and read it over and over. Yet I am not alone, because the Father is with Me.

Wanting to know more about that Father, he read other passages, and read on and on into the night. And such a wonderful thing happened — he received hope from the Author of those pages, and both his life and soul were miraculously saved.

To every one of us, from time to time, there comes a sense of utter loneliness. Some tears are always shed alone. No other human being can ever enter the deepest recesses of our mind or heart or soul.

But why? Because God made us for Himself. He desires our love. He put a little sign on the table of your heart, which reads, “Reserved for Me.” In every heart, He wishes to be first. He therefore keeps the secret key Himself, the key to open all our hearts’ chambers and to bless with perfect sympathy and peace each solitary soul that comes to Him.

So when you feel this loneliness, it is the voice of Jesus saying, “Come to Me.” And every time you feel that no one understands, it is a call for you to come to Him again.

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