When Charles Darwin and his adherents popularized the theory of evolution in the late 1800s, rationalist and humanist scientists and philosophers proclaimed that the death knell had sounded for religion, and for the God of Creation in particular. Now, over 100 years later, both God and faith in the biblical account of Creation are alive and well. In fact, although the theory of evolution has long been taught as fact in most schools and universities with the Bible’s account and other opposing views being given little or no voice, a growing number of respected scientists are joining the “creationist” camp.

Many questions about how this or that happened remain unanswerable by means of scientific investigation, but more and more evidence is being uncovered that indicates the universe and all that is in it was the work of an intelligent designer, not chance. Evolutionists are fond of stating, “Evolution is a fact.” But a fact is incontrovertible, meaning it is certain, undeniable, and not open to question. The truth is that the theory of evolution is not as factual and convincing as its proponents pretend.

“Creation science”-the scientific study of the creation of the universe by an intelligent designer-covers a wide range of scientific disciplines: physics, botany, biology and molecular biology, anthropology, biochemistry, astrophysics, and more. It would take far more than these few pages to thoroughly examine all the arguments of the evolution versus Creation debate. Instead, this booklet deals with only a few of the most oft-repeated claims for and against the two theories.