Although every area of evolution theory hasn’t been examined in the preceding chapters,

enough holes have been poked in the theory that a fair and unbiased reader would have to admit it is flawed in enough ways to render it debunked or at the least seriously questionable. It has very little actual scientific evidence to back it up and much to contradict it. If it hadn’t become such a darling of many in the scientific community, it would have long ago faded from popularity.

But what about the alternatives? Can the Bible’s account of Creation stand up to scientific scrutiny? There are some seemingly fantastic stories in the Bible’s account of the beginning in the book of Genesis, such as a six-day Creation, a single human couple from which all are descended, and a worldwide flood that destroyed every living thing except the eight inhabitants of Noah’s Ark (Noah and his wife, along with his three sons and their three wives), to name just a few. Not to mention the fact that the Bible implies that not just the earth but the whole universe is only about 6,000 years old. To be fair, these claims need to undergo an examination just as rigid as the one given to the claims of evolutionists.