In 384 A.D. a young teacher from North Africa went to Milan, Italy, to take a position as teacher of rhetoric. While there, he became troubled about his sins and sought desperately to get right with God.

One day in the back yard of his home, while on the verge of almost complete despair, he heard the voice of a child next door chanting, “Take and read, take and read.”

Immediately he took the Scriptures and read that Jesus Christ was the way of complete forgiveness of sins. Through reading the Word of God this man’s life was changed and he became St. Augustine, bishop of Hippo, one of the great Christians of all time.

* * *
The Christian feels that the tooth of time gnaws all books but the Bible. It has a pertinent relevance to every age. It has worked miracles by itself alone. It has made its way where no missionary has gone and done the missionary’s work. Nineteen centuries of experience have tested the Book. It has passed through critical fires no other volume has suffered, and its spiritual truth has endured the flames and come out without so much as the smell of burning.

-W.E. Sangster

* * *
It is strange we trust each other,
And only doubt the Lord;
We will take the word of mortals,
And yet distrust His Word.

-A.B. Simpson

* * *
God makes a promise: Faith believes it; Hope anticipates it; Patience quietly awaits it!

* * *
“It is the Spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the Words that I speak unto you, they are Spirit, and they are life” (John 6:63).


Many people struggle through life needlessly, when only a little more time spent with God’s Word would bring the peace, faith and happiness they seek.

* * *
Besides the once-and-for-all cleansing of Salvation, you need the daily cleansing of the Word from daily sin.

* * *
The Word of God is like a map to help you find your way through life.

* * *
The more dearly you begin to love His Word and read and study it, the more mature you will become and the more you’ll find that God can speak to you loudly and clearly and supernaturally and miraculously and ecstatically, right through the reading of His Word.

* * *
You grow by feeding on the Word of God continually, the cure for all life’s problems.

* * *
Please don’t neglect the Word, for it is food for your soul and gives you strength for the battle! Read, study, memorize and enjoy it, and you shall have strength for your soul.

-David Brandt Berg

* * *
Oh that you would hear the Words of the Lord
As streams that never run dry!
That thine ears should be filled with their flowing,
And thine heart should be ever nigh.
The Power of God’s Word!, Copyright © 1998-2012, The Family International