Somebody loves you and wants you to know,
Longs to be with you wherever you go.
Somebody loves you and right from the start,
Somebody wants to come into your heart!

Yes, Somebody loves you, and for that reason has just sent you this little message! Somebody loves you and really wants to make you happy! I love you too! We all want to be loved and we all want to love someone, and Love is the greatest thing on Earth to most of us! Most sadness on Earth is due to a lack of love, for if everyone loved everyone, there would be no more wars or violence or poverty.

But amidst all of the pain and suffering caused by our lack of love for each other, if we will open our eyes and look around, we’ll see that the World is also full of love and beauty and wondrous life, the beauties of all Creation put here because of Love!–The grass, the trees, the flowers, the glorious sunsets, the romantic moonlit starry nights, the wonderful animals, the love of pets and their need for love. Even our animals understand love. Our pets understand love and cannot really live without love, and sometimes even die of grief.

We too desperately need love, we too are sometimes dying of grief without love, because we all need love and need to love someone. That’s why we were put here, that’s what we’re here for–to love and be loved–and we’ve been given all the pleasures of sight for beauty, sound for music, taste for the deliciousness of food, and touch for the pleasures of feeling and loving and being loved–the thrills of making love, the excitement of reaching that ecstasy of the ultimate of sex, an orgasm of both body and spirit which brings satisfaction and rest and the sweetness of sleep. All the pleasures of life were put here for our good and enjoyment because Somebody loves us and wants us to be happy, and wants us to love and be loved, wants us to enjoy all of the pleasures in life, all of the good things, and wants us to have enough of everything, and intended for it to be Heaven on Earth as in the Beginning!

But how sad, that love for some seems to end with death! Why is this? Life and death are beautifully compared in Alan Seeger’s poem, “I Have a Rendezvous with Death,” written in the trenches of the First World War as he was thinking about what he felt was going to happen to him. “I have a rendezvous with death at some disputed barricade. God knows ’twere better far to be deep pillowed in silk and scented down, breath nigh to breath and pulse to pulse, where hushed awakenings are dear; but I have a rendezvous with death!”

Why is there so much hate and violence and evil, so much sadness and suffering in the World? Why must the World be like this, such a contrast between good and evil, between beauty and ugliness, between pleasure and hardship, between life and death? Why can’t it all be wonderful and beautiful and good and pleasant and pleasurable?

Well, it was all made to be that way in the Beginning. But we chose to be selfish, we chose to have our own way, we chose to be unloving and unkind to others, we chose to break the rules that were designed for our happiness and our health and our pleasure, and went our own way, far from the Paradise of our original Creation.–This has brought so much sin and suffering into the World because of the lack of love amongst ourselves and a lack of gratitude and thankfulness to our Creator.

So we have each had a part in bringing all this misery into the World. Don’t blame God! His archenemy Satan has caused it, and we have too, because most have chosen to follow evil instead of goodness. Let’s face it, isn’t that mostly the reason for your own misery, for your own griefs, sorrows, regrets and guilt complexes, because of the mistakes you’ve made, the wrongs you’ve done, the lack of love that you’ve had for others, your failure to respond to their love, the hurt that you caused them and the hurt you have suffered from others?

Let’s be honest. Haven’t we all been bad sometimes? Haven’t we all done things that we know are wrong, and that we now can’t undo? We can only regret them and be sorry for them and wish we hadn’t done them, but now it’s too late, the time is gone.

The whole World seems to have been turned upside-down through lack of love, whereas love could have healed so many wounds, restored so many hearts to happiness, eased so much pain and suffering, and averted so much death! But selfishness, greed, thoughtlessness, stubbornness and rebelliousness have constantly caused most of the sorrows of the World, including your own.

But there is Someone who loves you!–And wants to save you, Who even loved you so much and had such great Love that He gave His Life to save yours! “There’s no greater Love than this, that a Man lay down His life for His friends!”–John 15:13. And He did that for you, to pay for your sins and give you His grace and His Love and His forgiveness, if you’ll just turn to Him and love Him and thank Him for His Love and His forgiveness and His salvation.

Let’s face it, that’s what it’s all about! God put us here to love Him and be loved by Him through His wonderful Creation and the pleasures He’s given us to enjoy, yet we have violated His rules which were made to bring us happiness.

And although His whole Creation testifies to His Love and shows His greatness, goodness and power, and that He is a good God, a loving and a kind God who wants us to be happy, yet we have gone our own way, ignored Him, turned our backs on Him and done as we pleased. This was not pleasing to Him nor to us nor to others, which is why so much misery, sin and suffering have befallen this poor old Earth.

We have spoiled the Paradise on Earth that He put here for us to enjoy. We have ruined it with all the hate, envy, greed, violence, pain, wars and death. But He wants to save you from it, and some day out of it, and even now deliver you from many of these things, and give you joy, peace, pleasure, comfort and happiness, and most of all Love!–Love for Him, Love for others and even Love for yourself! He’s the Giver of all good, the God of Love, a loving God, for He is Love. Do you love Him? If you do, you’ll enjoy all the wonderful pleasures and the loving gifts that He’s given and created us to enjoy. If you do not, you can still turn to Him and ask Him to forgive you for your lack of love for others and for Him.

He has died to save you from it all, and He just wants you to turn to Him and be sorry and receive and believe in Him, and be thankful for His goodness to you. He wants you to try to love and do good to others as He has done for you, as He wishes to do for you, and as He will do for you in an even greater measure in a wonderful Future when He comes to take you into His Heavenly Kingdom. He will then take over the Earth and rule with righteousness, Love, mercy, goodness and kindness, and will stop all wars and hatred and lack of Love and create a wonderful, glorious Kingdom of Love here on Earth for us all to enjoy forever!

Do you love Him? If not, turn to Him today, because He loves you! Just ask Him to come into your heart, this wonderful Somebody who loves you, and He will wipe away your tears and cause your pains to cease and give you a loving, wonderful, beautiful life of Love that lasts Forever!

Somebody loves you and wants you to know,
Longs to be with you wherever you go.
Somebody loves you and right from the start,
Somebody wants to come into your heart!

Will you ask Jesus to come into your heart today?–God’s Son of Love, His personification of His Love, His Own Son sent to Earth to show us His Love, but whom evil people persecuted, hated and crucified! But thank God, He rose again and ascended to Heaven to be with His Father of Love, and now is with us by His loving Motherly Holy Spirit! Just think, God’s Own Son, His loving Son died for you that you might live!

Do you believe in Him? Do you want to receive Him now so you can enjoy His forgiveness and so that He can save you from your sins and give you His wonderful salvation and a happy life of Love with Him now and Forever? He wants you to be happy, I want you to be happy, we all want you to be happy! There are many of us who love you, and you can have lots of Love if you’ll just turn to Him and towards those who love you. You can do it right now by praying this little prayer:

“Dear Heavenly Father, please forgive me for all the wrongs that I have done! I’m sorry, and I want to turn to You and receive You into my heart through the Love of Your Son, Jesus. Help me to love You and love others and live by the Words in Your Book, the Bible, so that I can be happy and make others happy. In the name of Jesus, Your Son, amen.”

If you’ve said that prayer with sincerity and honesty, Jesus has come into your heart, because He’s promised to do so! He said, “Behold, I stand at the door and knock, if anyone will open the door I will come in and have loving fellowship with them.”–Revelation 3:20. If you haven’t, do it now before it’s too late! God bless and keep you and make you a blessing!

Somebody Loves You!, Copyright © 1998-2012, The Family International