What is marriage? It’s a union, first of all. It’s a uniting, two hearts becoming one. Marriage is companionship and friendship. It’s being together, acting together, doing things together, and not wanting it any other way.

Marriage is understanding. It’s being blind to the faults of the other. It’s being considerate in every way — considerate of the other’s time, feelings, and desires.

Marriage is caring. It’s being concerned. It’s going out of your way to make sure the other person is well cared for.

Marriage is kindness. It’s saying kind words and putting those words into action.

Marriage is support. It’s supporting your mate in their endeavors, in their projects, in good times and bad. It’s giving them moral support, physical support, prayer support, all-around support. It’s cheering them on and encouraging them when they feel down. Marriage is stooping to lift the other. It’s being strong when the other is weak.

Marriage is protecting your mate from harm, physical and emotional.

Marriage is provision. It’s doing your part to make sure the other has their needs met. It’s pulling your share of the load. Marriage is hard work day after day. It’s going out of your way to meet the needs of your mate in whatever way you can, even if you don’t feel like it. Marriage is lending a helping hand.

Marriage is sacrifice. It’s giving of yourself for the one you love. It’s being ready to give up your own ideas or desires to make your mate happy. It’s giving and giving and giving again. Marriage is yielding, bending, melting together. Marriage is going the extra mile. Marriage is compassion. It’s preferring the happiness of another to your own.

Marriage is give and take. Marriage is taking turns; it’s not one sided. Marriage is submission. It’s giving the other person a chance. Marriage is living and loving and helping one another. Marriage is learning from one another. Marriage is humbling.

Marriage is being open minded. Marriage is walking a mile in another’s shoes. Marriage is listening and understanding.

Marriage is being there for the other in bad times as well as the good. Married love stands through thick and thin, no matter how hot the trials or how hard the test. Married love never loses hope. It’s always there, always dependable, always ready with outstretched hands and open arms to take the other in — to love, to comfort, to hold, and to cherish. Marriage is learning to let the little things pass.

Marriage is communicating honestly and openly. It’s being willing to humbly share your heart and deepest thoughts. Marriage is talking, praying, discussing, and agreeing together. Marriage does not let things build up between you by ignoring the other, but rather finds a way; it creates solutions. Marriage is joining hand in hand, heart to heart.

Marriage is discovery. It’s discovering each other, learning about each other and all the funny things you say and do. Marriage is a good sense of humor. It’s relaxing together, enjoying each other.

Marriage is respect. Marriage is having faith in each other. Marriage is accepting another for what they are. Marriage is coming to the realization that you are not complete without your other half.

Marriage can be the most satisfying and strengthening experience you will ever have.

Marriage Is …, Copyright © 1998-2012, The Family International