The shrill sounds of war, violence and strife are ringing in My ears. I hear screams of fright, weeping, wailing, shouts! I see the havoc, the devastation, the carnage, the cruel and senseless loss of life. I see danger zones. I hear guns sounding and bombs exploding. I see snipers lurking in dark corners; streets flowing with blood.

I see the dead and the dying. I see the misery and pain, the grieving and the heavy hearted. I see clouds of smoke and destruction.

And I see the aftermath and the ruin. I hear the mournful silence. I feel the dejected stillness. I witness the listlessness of those who remain — stripped of all hope and joy.

I see the children forsaken. I see the weak and the weary as they tremble in fear – fear of the past, and fear of the future. I see the battered and the torn, those who have been robbed of peace and who find no hope. I see terror in the night and pestilence in the day: disease, hunger, privation.

In all this I see the endless grief brought on by the injustice of man’s inhumanity to man.

I see you, the victims of strife, and I hear those who ask why? — Why the hatred and sorrow? I hear those who ask how? — How long must we suffer? I hear those who ask when? — When will the guns stop firing? When will the bombs stop exploding? When will the war be ended? When will we be free? Is there peace to be found?

My heart grieves; it aches. My heart longs to comfort you, to ease your pain, to dry your tears, to give you a way of escape. I hear and I see and I long to bring you relief.

I hear those who cry, who? — Who will deliver us from our plight? I hear your cries, dear ones, and I am here to deliver! You need not be afraid, for I am here with outstretched arms to bring you peace!

I hear your cries and I reach out to you now with a way out! I offer you an escape route from your inner conflicts — from your nightmares, from your fear and from the continual insecurity and hopelessness that you feel. If you will reach out your hand to Me now, I will lead you through the darkness that surrounds you, and into the light.

I do not offer you a one-sided deal, a faulty treaty, or empty promises. I offer you a peace that no man can take away, that no thief can steal, that no bomb or bullets can shatter. I offer you faith in place of fear, hope in place of doubt, joy in place of sorrow, peace in the midst of a world that is tumbling down around you.

I offer you a love that will never fail you. I offer you peace and love that knows no boundaries; that is not limited by race, religion or nation; that is not repressed by force of arms. My love and peace are for now and forever. Even though all around you is turmoil and strife, you can have this peace in your heart right this moment. All you have to do is ask Me.

I am able to protect you from harm. I can be a light to you in the midst of the darkness that surrounds you. You can talk to Me anywhere, anytime, any hour of the day, no matter what situation you are in, and I will answer. I will speak to your heart and guide you through the storms of life. The more you talk to Me, the more I will be able to answer and give you the solutions to the problems you have in life.

You can ask Me whatever you want; then be still and listen to My voice and I will instruct you. Listen, and what you see and hear in your heart, with the eyes and ears of your spirit, will be Me answering you. I will be a comfort to you and bring you peace! All you have to do is open your heart and let Me in.

You can talk to Me any way you want — out loud, in a whisper, or even in your heart and mind. Won’t you give Me a try? Simply say: “Please, dear God of Heaven, if there is peace to be found, I want it. I am weak and weary and frightened. Please help me! Take away my fear. Give me Your peace that no one and no war can take away. Fill me with Your love. Help me to learn how to talk to You and to listen, so You can guide me through this darkness.”

It’s that simple! That’s all you have to do, and I will give you peace in your heart that never fades, a love that will cast out your fear.

I am the God of peace, the God of love, the God of freedom and the God of deliverance! My love even conquers death. If you will only ask Me, I will give you My gift of eternal life: a promise of a life beyond your own, full of love and peace; more wonderful than your grandest dreams. I will reserve a place for you in My Heavenly Kingdom, where there is no war, pain or suffering, where evil and darkness cannot reach. It is yours for the asking.

I will be with you always, through every difficulty and every hardship. No matter how dismal the conditions, I will always be there to pull you through. I am always present. I never sleep. I am watching all the time, listening, waiting, caring. I am always available, always ready to answer, always ready to guide you, to comfort and to encourage you. I am closer than a friend.

Even when there is destruction all around you, you don’t need to fear any more. If you have My love in your heart, then no matter what happens I will take care of you; no matter how dark the night, My light will shine. Even death can no longer touch you, as it will only lead to a better life. So whether I keep you safe right where you are, or I bring you Home to My Heavenly Kingdom to care for you Here, either way, with Me you cannot lose!

This is My promise to you: If you call on Me, I will not only give you peace in your heart now, but when this life is over, I will bring you into My haven of rest where you will live in peace and love forever! Here is My hand, I’m reaching out to you now. Won’t you take My love? I love you, and I long to give you My gift of peace.

Love, Jesus

Peace In The Midst Of Storm, Copyright © 1998-2012, The Family International