Eight things there be a comet brings,
When on high it doth horrid range:
Wind, famine, plague, and death to kings;
War, earthquakes, floods,
And direful change.

– From an old German poem.

Throughout history, comets have signified a time of change. They have heralded historic events and great calamities. So what does the Hale- Bopp comet tell us today? What is its message? Is it a sign of peace and a New World Order? Or is it a herald of impending doom? Or, as some would say, perhaps it has no significance at all–it’s just a ball of gas and ice hurtling through space.

What is its significance? This is a mystery, not known or revealed to mankind. But I, the Lord, am He who reveals secrets, who shows the things that shall be.

For it is I, the Lord, who sets signs in the Heavens. Even as I created the earth, the moon, the sun and the stars, so have I also created this comet for a purpose, as a sign. It is a herald, proclaiming My message.

This comet has two tails, and even so does it bring two messages–one a message of peace and hope, the other a message of destruction.

The message of destruction is plain and clear, for are not these things evident? Look around you. Turn on the news; read the paper. The signs of destruction are everywhere: earthquakes, floods, economic recession, civil unrest in the Middle East, the Balkans, Africa and elsewhere. These are all signs of the last days of humanity, as foretold in My Word, the Bible.

When I spoke to My disciples on earth 2,000 years ago, I said that the time of the end, before My return to this earth, would be a time of increased turmoil, of wars, disease, earthquakes, a dramatic increase in scientific knowledge and rapid transportation and travel, and a general moral decline in society.

These things are coming to pass today. They are around you. And the comet that appears in the sky is a herald of yet more things to come, so that what I have predicted may be fulfilled.

These are not all happy events, but they are part of My plan. Things must get worse–culminating with the rise of a world dictator, the Antichrist himself, to rule the world–before they can get better. Yes, they shall get better, when I return to build an everlasting kingdom of love, peace, harmony and plenty for all.

Time is short. The hourglass is turned, and the grains of sand, which are few in number, are falling. When it is finished, then these things will come to pass.

You will see a one-world government rise to power, headed by the Antichrist, the “beast,” who is inspired by the father of lies and deceit, the Devil himself. He will seek to bring all mankind under his rule by professing to solve the calamities–war, disease, poverty–that afflict mankind today.

He shall disguise himself as a messenger of light and of peace; but be not deceived, for underneath his cloak of peace is a chain of slavery and of bondage.

He shall introduce a new monetary system, whereby he shall profess to resolve the world’s economic disorders. Those who would submit to his new cashless society will be compelled to receive the “mark of the beast” in their hand or their forehead, in the form of a tiny computerized chip bearing all their vital information–financial, personal and medical. Thus your every step, your every transaction, your every move, will be monitored by the Big Brother of the New World Order.

I herald and I signify these things now by this comet that you may be forewarned, so that when these things occur, you will not be deceived.

Yet there is the second tail of the comet: This “tale” is a messenger of peace, a messenger of hope. For though evil grows worse, and the darkness becomes darker, yet shall the light of My love and My hope burn even brighter.

I wish for this hope and this peace to burn brightly in your heart, so that the darkness may flee–the darkness of discouragement, of emptiness, of despair, of loneliness. This messenger of peace is a sign that you, too, can receive peace and love in your heart.

It is a true peace, a lasting peace. It is not the peace of those who cry “peace, peace”–those political leaders who seek to make peace, but whose efforts come to naught, for they are full of selfishness; each seeking their own agenda, each secretly working to further their own cause at the expense of others. With such there can be no peace.

But to you who open your heart to Me, I will give true peace. I will give you peace that will carry you through the calamities and the destruction; I will give you hope that will bring you through unscathed, until that hope is fulfilled in My return.

For these days of calamity and destruction, and even of the Antichrist, will not be long. It shall only be for a few years, after which I shall return and establish a kingdom of everlasting love, of giving, sharing and caring. This is My announcement of hope.

So with My comet, My messenger, I send a dual message: a warning of the terrible events that will soon come to pass, so that when they do come, you will be prepared and forewarned; and a message of peace and hope, which will cover you, protect, encourage and strengthen you, if you open your heart to My love.

I am standing at the door of your heart. I am knocking, asking to come in, to share My love with you. I see your need for love and comfort, for spiritual strength and renewal. Open the door, and I will come in.

I do not require that you be good enough, for I love you just as you are. It is a free gift. Simply open the door and I will come in. I will be with you forever, and together we will sail through the stormy weather until we come into the restful harbor of My eternal love.

Receive Me today, and I’ll be your best friend forever.

Jesus Christ

Hale- Bopp: The Comet’s Tale, Copyright © 1998-2012, The Family International