It’s happening–there’s no mistake. I said I’d be back, and I’m coming soon! I also said that in the days prior to My return, plagues and disease would become increasingly widespread–that these things, among others, would be a sign that time was running out.

It’s a fact.–Disease and plagues are increasing, and this is one of the signs of the times. Though decades ago the medical establishment boasted of victory over a wide range of bacteria and viral killers, today they have been proven wrong. Today, instead of fading out, infectious diseases are skyrocketing.

Some illnesses formerly considered as conquered, such as tuberculosis, staph infections, and pneumonia, to name a few, are not only on the rise, they’re fast becoming unstoppable. Some bacteria are mutating into superbugs. Wide misuse of drugs has backfired, and new super strains are emerging. Not only are bacterial infections on the rise, but viral killers such as Ebola, AIDS, and now the mysterious SARS are a threat. Other ailments are on the rise, and the incidence and varieties of cancer are at an all-time high. The uncertainty that all this brings is causing another affliction that is circling the globe-fear! People fear the unknown and they fear for their lives.

Some people blame these things on Me. Some ask why I don’t step in and put a stop to it. Often I can’t because I have given people free will, the right to choose between right and wrong. If I interfered with your majesty of choice, it wouldn’t be free will. But the catch is this: Along with this freedom comes responsibility and consequences. “You reap what you sow” is one of My laws. Wrongdoing must be punished; if not, chaos would be rampant.

People bring these things upon themselves through their choices. While technology is progressing, the baser instincts of the human race are coming to the fore, plunging the world into a madhouse of iniquity. Evil vies with good for power in people’s hearts, and sadly, many are falling into evil’s deadly grip. Mankind’s selfishness, perversion, pride, and greed are coming down upon society’s head. When people make wrong decisions and oppress the poor, and through pride wage unjust wars where I want to bring peace, when nations reject Me and persecute My people, when people rebel against Me and reject My plan–something has got to give.

The events of the Time of the End, as predicted in My Book, are beginning to unfold before your eyes. There is so much beyond the control of mankind and its limited knowledge and skills, as is evident now with the plagues currently traversing the nations. Today’s scourges are a wake-up call! I plead with all people of the earth: Come to Me! I’ll save you! There are some rough times on the horizon for planet Earth. If you are not personally familiar with what the Bible says about the Last Days, I suggest you find out.

In summary, the imitation christ, widely known as the Antichrist, is preparing to try to rule the world. He and his cronies are manipulating world conditions from behind the scenes, promoting and sometimes creating havoc, so that when conditions become very bad, the world will be ready to accept a savior. Then he will come on the scene with solutions to stop wars and salvage economies. He’ll even have solutions to eliminate disease and hunger. But his solutions will be bogus. He will try to imitate My plan for peace and prosperity, but without Me. His solutions will not be genuine or lasting, but will plunge the world into the most trying days in history. Only I have true solutions, healing, happiness, and eternal life.

The world today is not a very safe place to live. If you fear that some dreaded epidemic will sweep into your life or the lives of your loved ones, if you feel powerless against the super strains of bacteria and viruses that exist today, turn to Me.–I can help you. Even if you are surrounded by terrible plagues, you need not fear. If you and your loved ones take Me into your lives, even if you or they are taken by one of these viruses, you can rest assured that you and they will be released from all sickness and pain into a better world.

If you’ll put your faith in Me, familiarize yourself with My Words, and live close to Me, then even if there is turmoil, confusion, chaos, war, and plague all around you, you can have peace in your heart. I can give you peace in this life and the reassurance of a happy life to come in My heavenly world of love. Ask Me into your heart and life by sincerely praying this simple prayer:

Dear Jesus, I ask You to come into my heart. Please forgive me for all the wrongs I’ve done. Give me peace in my heart and Your gift of everlasting life. Help me to love You, and to share Your love and truth with others.

I want to give you not only a brighter future of eternal happiness, but a fulfilling present. Don’t delay in receiving My truth and salvation. I can keep you from hell on earth and from the horrors to come with My loving protection and provision forever!

I love you.


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