God is the supreme artist. God looked at His creation as it progressed and saw it was good; when He had completed it, He saw that it was “very good.” The Great Artist was evidently much pleased with His world. It was a world filled with wonderful objects, shapes and movements, a world abundant in rich colors like those of the rainbow and the rose, rich textures like those of beaver fur and magnolia leaves, rich odors like those of the quince and the honeysuckle, rich sounds like those of thunder and running streams, and rich tastes like those of watermelons and chocolate.

- Clyde S. Kilby

* * *
God’s creative activity went far beyond the minimum requirements for getting the job done. Butterflies in the rain forest seldom seen by human eye are creatures of breathtaking beauty. The delicate transparency of the man-of-war and the hummingbird’s wings are inimitable.-LeRoy Koopman

* * *
Here you sit, held together by a fabulous interweaving of flexible muscles and tendons and cartilages, all comfortably tucked inside an enormous envelope called skin, which in turn is made up of literally billions of cells, each busy every blessed second wearing out, eliminating, and then building up.

Yet you take your incredible body for granted, unless something goes wrong.

Even the Psalmist centuries ago noticed. “I am fearfully and wonderfully made” (The Bible, Psalm 139:14).

Part of the wonder is that you have so little fear. Rarely do you remind your pulse: “For Heaven’s sake, beat!” Or your heart: “Did you pump? Did you count it? How often per minute? Five quarts a moment, I hope. Seventy-five an hour, remember!” Or to each little drop of blood: “Are you taking your exciting excursion trip through 169 miles of canal-ways and blood vessels in three minutes?” Or to your eyelids: “Did you blink? And are my tear ducts rinsing off the dust from my eyeballs regularly?”

Best of all, how blessed you should feel that instead of making you embarrassingly tall to contain the 35 to 40 feet of tubes inside your intestinal and kidney tracts, your Creator cleverly looped them into a neat little twenty cubic inches.

It might be well, therefore, to say to your brain, “Ponder!”-For your body is a temple made for worship and thanksgiving. You dare live so carefree of all these details, yet you have much for which to be profoundly grateful every moment of every day.

* * *
The creation is God’s handiwork, and points to Him. (See The Bible, Genesis 1:1; John 1:1; Hebrews 1:10.) Someone has summed it up in these words: “God left His fingerprints all over creation.”

-Byron Snapp

* * *
The Heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handiwork (The Bible, Psalm 19:1).

* * *
All creation is an outstretched finger pointing toward God.

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