“The assembling of ourselves together.” (Heb.10:25)

1. The Bible instructs us to fellowship:

A. The importance of fellowship:

Heb.10:25 – Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together…but so much the more as ye see the day approaching
Psa.133:1-3 – How good…for brethren to dwell together in unity
Mat.18:19,20 – Where 2 or 3 are gathered…there am I in the midst
1Jn.1:7 – If we walk in the light…have fellowship one with another
(See also 1Jn.1:3; Psa.119:63.)

B. We are one body in Jesus:

Rom.12:5 – So we, being many, are one body in Christ, & every one members one of another (See also 1Cor.12:12-28.)

C. There is strength in united fellowship:

Deut.32:30 – One chase a thousand, two put ten thousand to flight (See also Lev.26:8)
Eccl.4:9,10 – Two are better than one…if they fall, one will lift up
Eccl.4:12 – A threefold cord is not quickly broken
Acts 28:15 – The brethren…came to meet us as far as Appi forum…whom when Paul saw, he thanked God, took courage

D. It’s hard to be alone, without fellowship:

Eccl.4:10 – Woe to him that is alone when he falleth; he hath not
2Tim.4:16 – At my first answer no man stood with me
2. The reasons for fellowship:

A. Edification & inspiration:

Acts 2:42 – They continued steadfastly in…doctrine & fellowship
1Cor.14:3,4 – [Prophesying & doctrine edify the church]
1Cor.14:26 – When ye come together…let all things be…edifying

B. Reading the Word together:

Neh.8:1-4a,8 – The people gathered themselves together…Ezra read
Acts 15:30,31 – Gathered multitude together…delivered the epistle
1Tim.4:13 – Give attendance to reading, to exhortation…doctrine (See also Acts 16:4; Col.4:16; 1Thes.5:27.)

C. Exhortation & instruction:

Acts 15:32 – Exhorted brethren with many words & confirmed them
Acts 20:7 – When the disciples came together…Paul preached
Heb.10:25 – Assembling ourselves together…exhorting one another
(See also Acts 11:22,23; 15:36,41.)

D. Gathering for special prayer:

1Tim.4:14 – The gift…which was given thee…with the laying on of hands of the presbytery (assembly of elders)
Jam.5:14 – Call for the elders of the church; & pray over him

E. United prayer:

Acts 1:13-15 – [120 disciples gathered to pray in the upper room]
Acts 12:5,12 – House…where many were gathered together praying

F. Having communion:

Acts 20:7a – The disciples came together to break bread

G. Meeting to discuss important matters:

Acts 15:2,4 – [Went] unto apostles & elders about this question
Acts 20:17,18 – He called elders of the church…when they were come
Acts 21:17-19 – All the elders were present…(Paul) de clared what

H. Making a point to seek for fellowship:

(See Acts 21:3,4a; 27:2,3; 28:13,14.)
3. Holding meetings:

A. Everyone can contribute something:

1Cor.14:26 – When ye come together…one of you hath a psalm, a doctrine, a tongue, a revelation, an interpretation

B. Be united & orderly during fellowship meetings:

Acts 4:32 – The multitude of them which believed were of one heart & of one soul
1Cor.14:33,40 – In all the churches of the saints…let all things be done decently & in order
(See also 1Cor.11:17-34; 14:23-31; Jam.2:2-4.)

C. United singing during fellowship:

Ezra 3:11 – They sang together…praising & giving thanks
Mat.26:30 – And when they had sung an hymn, they went out
Heb.2:12 – In the midst of the church will I sing praise

D. End meetings with prayer:

Acts 20:36 – When he had thus spoken…he prayed with them all
Acts 21:5,6 – We departed…& we kneeled down & prayed

E. Fellowshipping together constantly:

Acts 2:46 – Continuing daily with one accord from house to house

4. Being “of one mind” & working together in unity:

1Cor.1:10 – No divisions among you…be perfectly joined together
1Cor.12:25 – Should be no schism in body… have the same care
Phi.2:2 – Be likeminded…being of one accord, of one mind
(See also Gal.2:9; 1Pet.3:8.)

5. Fellowship with the world:

A. Avoid intimate fellowship with the worldly:

Eph.5:11 – Have no fellowship with unfruitful works of darkness
2Cor.6:14-17 – Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers
(See also Jn.15:19; 1Cor.10:20,21; 1Jn.5:19.)

B. We cannot avoid some dealings with unbelievers:

Jn.17:15 – Not take them out of world…but keep them from evil
1Cor.5:9,10 – Not altogether [separate]…for then ye must go out

C. Use fellowship with unbelievers to win them:

Mat.9:9-13 – Why eateth your Master with publicans & sinners? I am come to call…sinners to repentance
1Cor.10:27,31 – If any that believe not bid you to a feast, & ye be disposed to go…do all to the glory of God

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